Welcome to Trinidad, the museum city of the Caribbean

Welcome to Trinidad, the Museum City of the Caribbean.


The Plaza Mayor in Trinidad de Cuba. It is the Historical center of the City of Trinidad. Seduced by the sculpture of Terpsicore, muse of dance. The white lattice of the delicate filigree. The tall royal palm trees and the two guardian greyhounds. it is considered second place in importance of the country. After the Cathedral Square of Havana.

Our hostel is located in a quiet area. Only 3 minutes walk to the Plaza Mayor. You can spend an unforgettable vacation in Trinidad. To learn more about its history. You can rent one or two rooms in our particle house.

Towards the year 1857. It was restored by its inhabitants. Becoming a center of processions and festivities. On March 26 of the same year it was equipped with exterior and interior doors. And in 1868, two tanks were built. To finance this renovation. A card lottery game was weighed per ounce of gold.

Thanks to the obtained profits. Philadelphia was charged with the door that currently exhibits. The Plaza was named Serrano, in honor of the Governor. That he had sponsored his construction. And it is surrounded by the most colorful mansions in the city. Including the Palace of Count Brunet, now the Romantic Museum.

When the German wise Alexander of Humboldt. Who visited this city in 1801. He walked through the Plaza Mayor, said that “instead of the lattice, had walls of flowering myrtle.”