Welcome To Trinidad of Cuba

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Welcome to Trinidad.


Walk through the city of Trinidad. It will allow you not only to know one of the best preserved cities in America, declared a World Heritage Site. By UNESCO on December 8, 1998. If you are on holidays, you can rent a room at Hostal Felicia, but you will also increase your knowledge of its architectural treasure. Legends of the past and amazing traditions.

Here, the old palaces and mansions still treasure many stories to discover. The German scientist Alexander Von Humbodt. He walked along his main square. A French man who came to live in the village. He made bells for the churches and a very symbolic pergola. while many other important and well-known personalities. Including the famous Cuban poet Plácido, they also visited him.

Many of these buildings nowadays have become museums. They offer the visitor the opportunity to discover the glory and splendor. From a time when the wealth of a few people. Based on the sugar cane industry. It was sustained by the worst of all the shames against the human being; slavery.

This city. Founded on January 4, 1514 by Diego Velázquez. It is characterized by artistic bars, wooden screens, stained glass windows. Made with local luxury woods, cobblestone streets and red tile roofs.

The Valley of the Sugar Mills


But nevertheless. Trinidad would not be without its. The Valley of the Sugar Mills. declared a World Heritage Site as well.

Thanks to the long hours of work of the slaves. These old sugar cane plantations in the valley, gave rise to great wealth. Accumulated by the owners of the sugar mills.

Fortunately for the city and the world heritage. The city of Trinidad. Located in the south central part of Cuba. It has maintained all its pristine attributes. Handling carefully all the tricks of modernity. And maintaining its decision to preserve its legacy of more than 500 years.

The inhabitants of Trinidad await you there, with their handicrafts, plastic arts and craft skills in general. Recently declared an artisan city of the world. Between narrow streets and courtyards with central gardens. Trinidad will show you all this and much more. begins a city full of light, where the sun and the mountains mix.

This is a small part of its history. If you want to know more, you are invited to come to Trinidad de Cuba. If our words motivated you, we invite you to rent a room in our Hostel. And you will be welcome in our Casa Particular (Bed and Breakfast) Felicia. For an unforgettable holidays in Trinidad de Cuba.

We are waiting for you.